Context You Need, Right From the Scene

Live Debriefs

Context for News of the Day

Bob can speak with your morning and afternoon news or talk show hosts regularly, in segments that you can have sponsored. Also, can be done via video, if needed.

Breaking News Live

When Something Big Happens in Washington

Bob can be your go-to Washington correspondent to talk about what's happening and why. Plus, provide the background your listeners will appreciate.

Scheduled 90-second Scene-setters

What's on Tap for the Morning and Afternoon

A news-heavy station can count on these 90-second tic-toc  and update vignettes that your station can have sponsored and listeners will expect at scheduled times.


Additional Services

Bob is available to help with podcasts; can travel to major events; can help your from-out-of-town correspondents when they need to be in Washington.

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