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Ear On The White House

Why not make your local news-talk programming unique by featuring a regular debrief with a White House reporter delivering analysis on what's happening there, from the White House? You're getting your Washington reporting from elsewhere. Why not hear from someone who can provide in-depth context?

Former Westwood One News White House Correspondent Bob Costantini will provide market-exclusive facts and analysis--not significant leanings--from someone on-scene as we move toward the next election cycle and weigh dynamics between the White House and Capitol Hill. 

Bob is not interested in talking to on-air ideologues who don't want to hear facts! 

He has over three decades of covering Washington, Congress, The White House and major political matters (Westwood One News, CNN, Fox News Channel). Bob's tenure at Westwood One News included traveling with Presidents Trump and Obama. Westwood One News was part of the Radio Network Pool rotation. He can also provide an inside perspective on what it's like to cover the White House, including asking the last five presidents scores of questions.

Bob will be available Monday through Friday to do talk-backs with stations; and of course, if news warrants, weekends and travel to major event locales are part of the mix.

Video debriefs are a possibility for stations that have streaming simulcasts; and availabilities for podcasts upon request.

Contact Bob at EaronTheWhiteHouse.com; via email to EaronTheWhiteHouse@yahoo.com; with a direct message on Twitter to @CostantiniWHear; or give Bob a call at 410-302-3855.

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